Maxwell Lander is a futurist, photographer, feminst pornograpgher, game maker and interactive media artist. He has been winning awards and exhibiting since 2007.

Max’s first film, Maybe He’s Gifted (2011), was commissioned by the Feminist Porn Awards and along with his subsequent two films went on to garner international acclaim. Max’s most recently published book of photography, Carnal Anomaly (ThreeL Media, 2016), is his most intricate work to date. With a an unflinching eye and scalpel-sharp sense of humour, Carnal Anomaly drives image-making beyond. His subjects are whipped and drowned, wrapped in cellophane or covered in sweat, and somehow the images that emerge are as gleeful as they are abject. His work is taught in cinema and gender courses at universities both within Canada and abroad.

Max recently completed the Digital Futures MDes at OCADU, where his thesis “PowerGaming: Queer BDSM and Weird Little Games” explored the way indie games allowed created unique spaces to explore and critique alternative sexualities. During his graduate research, Max became obsessed with VR technology and its potential to get people to experience awkward intimacies while in gamespace. The games that emerged from this research,  Liason and Meateor, engage VR as a physically disruptive medium. For both games, Max created complex technological entanglements that included headsetless VR, custom controllers doubling as restraints or harnesses, and hacked real sex toys acting as interfaces. Both games were recently exhibited at the Toronto Media Arts Centre as part of the exhibition What The Futures?

He now teaches VR, game design and 360 film, and is presently working on a volumetric video project as well as something top-secret involving zombies. He has also been identified by strangers as the guy that talked about eating blood on that podcast. 

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