A wee Unity project to help folks get into working with Vive trackers outside of the headset.

This work is meant to exist as a call out to designers and artists to take advantage of our newly accessible technology and it’s potential uses for embodied interactions, to consider less how we can game-ify through technology and more about we can use interaction as an aesthetic element outside of games, in art and installation works. This is rooted largely in a personal interest in queering play and designing interactions, through bodies, that center marginalized experiences, but that is my personal intentions around the applications of these tools and less about the tools themselves. Tired of seeing the most common application of spatial tracking tools such as the Vive tracker be used to create more and more gun based games, I wanted to both explore other options and encourage other people to do the same. This could be in the context of game design, but I am hopeful that it is not limited to that frame.

Beyond that, part of this interest of this is in the potential for group experiences. Vive trackers are the newest accessible option in a line of technology that can help us create blended mixed reality experiences, in similar ways that the wiimotes and kinect cameras have in the past. The difference here is the freedom provided by the precision of the technology. We aren’t limited to computers having a single viewpoint (kinect) or a very small set of movements options (wiimote). With the Vive trackers we have access to a full six degrees of freedom, allow us to put our bodies closer to one another or to use larger, smaller and more varied movements.

Video Walkthrough


Make body tracking tools more accessible for artists and designers by creating a selection of plug and play scripts for use within Unity.

Use the body as a controller/ expressive device in a way that does not simply put buttons everywhere and explore potential application of interaction aesthetics through bodily engagement. This will also hopefully encourage people to experiment with making custom physical controllers and mounts to enhance the physicality of the interactions.

Design for multiplayer/interpersonal interaction by taking VR technology out of the headset.

With that in mind, download the project and make some weird stuff!

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