I am a toronto portrait photographer, designer, artist and full time nerd.

I’m not one of those photographers that was given a camera at 5, never to be the same, but one of those photographers that picked it up at the request of an attractive woman in my teens, only to spend the next chunk of years fighting with it. I believe in the hack, having come to photography without a silver spoon, I learned quickly how to change the functions of the tools to serve my needs, DIYing together lighting set up and sets even when the budgets allow for ready-made. Portraits should never be ready-made.

I make bold images, and pride myself on convincing the “I’m not photogenic” people to blame their previous photographers.

I like futurism, gaming, light flares, naked people and overly ambitious projects.

In reality, all types of grandeur are appealing.

I Have shot the faces of Eddie Izzard, Divine Brown, The Barenaked Ladies, Serena Ryder, and Gaga (as per the Toronto musical, Of A Monstrous Child), and have been featured in Publications such as VICE, The Globe and Mail, Xtra!, Be (france), Magpie Darling (London), and Curve, as well as having participated in countless gallery shows, both solo and group. 

Let’s do a thing.